We have a Moving Date!

Yikes, we have a moving Date……a Date that is about 8 weeks away and now I am offically freaking out. We have pictures of our new home that I will not post here at present since I am not currently the resident in the home, but we are happy, very happy with the home we have been allocated in our new community by Queensland Education.

Now all I have to do is pack up this place……well thats a lie acutally I don’t have to pack it, I have to sort it. The movers pack it for us. But sorting this crazy mess it not going to be fun……..

We have decided to have a Huge cull, a room by room cull and my back patio is where everything getting culled is going at present and its not a pretty sight as you can see.20121115-094143.jpg20121103-104713.jpg


This is a new start for us…..We are no longer fostercarers, we need a new start, a new community that every time we go to the shopping mall we are not running into a child we have cared for, or a birth family that hates us…..

My husband wants to be challenged more in his teaching, Learn new styles, and we want to teach our children about Indigenous Culture, Life and Community, Not from a book or from a white person view but from the Elders and community members who love their communities and people.

We are not nieve we know that life is going to be very different for us, that we will have to earn respect and a place within the community, we know that we are white people, that our intentions will be under close observation and respect is hard to earn but easy lost.

We can’t wait to experience the good, bad and maybe even a bit of ugly(which will likely be from me if the internet ever goes down, or the mail can’t be flown in due to bad weather LOL), we know that we will experience some of each but we also know that most of what we will experience will be good and that is because the community we are going to has respected Elders who are ensuring that culture is kept, that language is kept and that their beautiful community moves in the right direction.

Next year is going to be a time of change, challenges and joy for us, we can’t wait to get moved and settled.

Keep Safe and Look out for each other,






WE are Moving!

We have some very exciting news to share.

Mr. T and our family have been offered an opportunity of a lifetime, Mr. T has been given a Transfer to a very remote School in the Cape York Region of Far North Queensland. We will live in a Cape Community Called Bamaga. (we Currently live in Brisbane see Map below)

We will be moving in Mid January 2013.

I will of course be sharing our Journey with you, from us getting ready to move to how we actually get there and of course our new home, community and everyday life while living so remote.

Its sure going to be a HUGE change for us, one we are embracing and looking forward to.

I hope you will come along for the ride while we laugh, cry and adjust to living in one of the most beautiful and amazing places on earth.

We are Moving to BamagaLife is precious, be safe Nicki.

OH my what a day…….but the Sun Set so all is good

Well it all started out great, we got up early, packed up the camper, loaded the car, the kids and then it happened………we broke a cable on the Camper as we went to wind down the roof……and the Day just when from bad to worse and then to good again.

The end of the story is we made it half way to our next location and the better part is we are sleeping in comfort, REAL comfort in a deluxe onsite Cabin at Townsville.

I have to say that Camper land, the people we brought the Camper off less than a month ago are expressing the parts up to us from Brisbane to fix the camper free of charge, which is really awesome of them since this was a “buy as is” camper because of its age and since they are really a new Caravan/Camper dealership not a second hand dealership.

I guess what topped it off for us was that not one single Caravan repair place between the Whitsunday’s and Cairns could fix our camper before next Tuesday…. that would of been a week of our holiday GONE…waiting for the camper to be repaired. NOT COOL.

BUT now my awesome husband is going to work his magic with the help of the new part coming on Thursday and we should be in Cairns by Friday Lunchtime.

My Darling Husband in the craziness of today left his wallet on the back of our Camper and drove off…the next thing he knew was he had a call from the Proserpine Police. A VERY honest and Awesome local business man had driven his wallet to the police station after finding in on the road and they called us before we left for Townsville…I can’t even tell you how grateful we are to that man, he wanted to remain nameless…SO I just emailed the local paper on the Whitsunday’s hoping they will print our Thank you to him in hopes he see’s it………The world really does still have a lot of good people in it.

Be Safe and remember Life is Precious,



Day 1 of our big family adventure – Brisbane to Agnes Water

Well today was day one of our big Family Holiday road trip
From Brisbane to Cook Town.

20120910-204221.jpgWe headed off on time at 6.30am, which for us is no small task!
Our newcamper was packed and our car was filled with 4 every excited children.
We decided to only drive 5 hours to Agnes Water a beautiful Beach side town 480km from Brisbane in the Gladstone region. We arrived after a couple of rest stops and where greeted by this beautiful view

20120910-205556.jpg today we decided to just set up and chill, so we checked out a local takeaway for dinner and ended the day with a quick stroll on the beautiful beach(sorry no pictures I left the camera in the van).
Stay tuned for day 2 as we explore the coast and towns in this area.