My Beautiful Vintage Rose

After a morning of Toddler antics yesterday, I decided I needed to shift the vibe! So we got out a few clothes, a new head band and my old faithful(Cannon 60D) and well these adorable photo’s where the result of some giggles and fun in the back yard with the Chickens…….

and Yes that is a bruise on her face, I could of used photoshop to clean it up, but we are all about real here……I really am not keen on the “clean till they look plastic” edits that some people use. I think every mark, bruise and scrap tell part of the story of our kids lives……I know I look back on old photo’s and think……OHHH I remember when I did that to my knee or face……Thats real life if you ask me……real life isn’t perfect its just, well REAL.

Be kind to yourselves, Nicki xxx


The Bitter Sweet part

Mr T and I have been Foster carers for 15 years, its been a very Bitter Sweet time, filled with many cherished memories and even a few we would rather forget.

This weekend we officially said goodbye to one of the 2 children we have cared for, for just over 3 years.

We are both happy and sad about him returning home, we are happy that his Mum has been able to put her life back together, but we also mourn for the child we grew to love.

He has actually been physically home for a couple of weeks, but mutually we agreed a family BBQ in a local park would be a lovely “Official” farewell. So this weekend we met as 2 families, putting aside some past issues we cooked Snags, threw them in a bun and added some old fashioned tomato sauce and we had a great time…….we laughed, we remembered, we played basketball and we enjoyed ourselves, it was a fitting farewell for a beautiful little boy who has left a imprint on our heart.


Nudgy and Mr H checking out the beach…………..

People ask me all the time how we let go of our foster children, truth is you never really let go. Humans are wonderful at hiding emotions, depositing them in a place in their hearts that is locked, sealed tightly shut.

We try to focus on the positives and with this situations there are lots of positives. We are also able to hold onto the fact that we feel that within a system that is very broken finally a family is reunited and almost whole again, sadly that too often isn’t the case, wrongly or rightly many families never recover from being broken apart by Child protection services.

This Chapter, the one with us as Foster carers is nearly over, we are retiring from fostering very soon and Mr T jokes about the book he is going to write.

There is a new chapter in our lives waiting to start and frankly we can’t wait.

With Love Nicki xxx