My Little Blog

Yeap I am neglecting this little blog again and really have no excuses.
Recently I have recently found out that a few people have learn’t alot about Cape York though this blog and even followed us before they moved here. I have to admit I was kinda excited to know anyone is following here on my Little Blog…….let alone that I helped in some small way to make their transition easier.

So because of that I thought I would try my hardest to update here on a more regular basis. I really had no idea people would want to hear about our everyday.

Also if there is anything you would like to know about, PLEASE let me know by sending me email or go over to the facebook page and I will to my best to do a blog post about it.

Keep Safe and Love every day


Keeping it real!!

So I’m all about keeping it real, I am no housework queen, ( HATE house work if the truth is known) I am real, life is fast and often crazy around here and this week has been no exception.
So I thought for all those real mothers out there that are having the same sort of crazy week I have been having, this should make you all feel better. This is what my lounge looked like today before I folded and put away the washing

Yeap your shocked, “OMG she really did just show the world her messy lounge room” lol, yeap I did, and if you where being completely honest with your self you giggled just a little because you know that at one time or another your lounge looked just like it, ‘go on admit it’, it’s so freeing lol.
But here is the thing, I did eventually regained control and 2 hours later it looked like this,


Even if in the middle of cleaning up that mess I had Miss Boo making another mess in the kitchen…..yeap keeping it Real Alright!!



  20120823-141809.jpgHow how could I ever get cranky at that cute face.

Be kind to yourself, Nicki xxx