My Baby started school!

Its hard to write this……….

My baby started school last week. If I say it fast its not so bad.

After parenting for 20 years I can officially say I have seen all of my children start their first day of school. IMG_5009

Miss Boo was so excited,IMG_5036_2

These past 4 years have flown, so many precious first, so much Joy, its almost like a end of a season for me and I have tried so hard to enjoy every minute I have had with her before school starts. She is such a Joy, Our Rainbow baby after so much heart ache and loss. I am so lucky that although she is officially in school, I work metres from her room and can be with her if she needs me. IMG_5037_2

Here in Cape York we start kids in school in what we call Pre Prep, its what the rest of Australia call, Kinda, Kindy, and Preschool, except here its full time and its attached to the school. The children go from 9-3 and although they do lots of play the play has the intention of giving them a big head start for Prep.IMG_5040IMG_5051_2

I was torn about sending Boo, its not compulsory here but encouraged. IMG_5028

My heart believe kids should have a play based introduction into “schooling” think Montessori, Steiner etc, and Yet Bella was demanding to learn more, she was no longer content with Kindy or home play alone……she needed more and she was yearning for more learning.IMG_5030_2

So in the end the decision was easy and she couldn’t be happier.

Be Happy and remember life is precious