My Baby started school!

Its hard to write this……….

My baby started school last week. If I say it fast its not so bad.

After parenting for 20 years I can officially say I have seen all of my children start their first day of school. IMG_5009

Miss Boo was so excited,IMG_5036_2

These past 4 years have flown, so many precious first, so much Joy, its almost like a end of a season for me and I have tried so hard to enjoy every minute I have had with her before school starts. She is such a Joy, Our Rainbow baby after so much heart ache and loss. I am so lucky that although she is officially in school, I work metres from her room and can be with her if she needs me. IMG_5037_2

Here in Cape York we start kids in school in what we call Pre Prep, its what the rest of Australia call, Kinda, Kindy, and Preschool, except here its full time and its attached to the school. The children go from 9-3 and although they do lots of play the play has the intention of giving them a big head start for Prep.IMG_5040IMG_5051_2

I was torn about sending Boo, its not compulsory here but encouraged. IMG_5028

My heart believe kids should have a play based introduction into “schooling” think Montessori, Steiner etc, and Yet Bella was demanding to learn more, she was no longer content with Kindy or home play alone……she needed more and she was yearning for more learning.IMG_5030_2

So in the end the decision was easy and she couldn’t be happier.

Be Happy and remember life is precious




My Little Blog

Yeap I am neglecting this little blog again and really have no excuses.
Recently I have recently found out that a few people have learn’t alot about Cape York though this blog and even followed us before they moved here. I have to admit I was kinda excited to know anyone is following here on my Little Blog…….let alone that I helped in some small way to make their transition easier.

So because of that I thought I would try my hardest to update here on a more regular basis. I really had no idea people would want to hear about our everyday.

Also if there is anything you would like to know about, PLEASE let me know by sending me email or go over to the facebook page and I will to my best to do a blog post about it.

Keep Safe and Love every day

How are you settling?

I think the number one question I get asked these days is “how are you settling?” the second would be “how are you coping?”

We I am doing fine…life here is obviously very different. I am not going to lie about it; we lived in a comfy large urban house and neighborhood close to great shops, cheap transport and any choice of schools, Dr and Specialists. Now I live in a comfy remote rural small town at the very tip of Cape York or Northern Peninsula Area (NPA) as the Local people call it. LIFE is of course Different…

Some people have asked me “so how different is it?” well in many ways its VERY different but so many things are the same here too.

Let me explain – Our everyday family life here is very similar (albeit slower) to our life in Brisbane. We do allot of the same and some different things that we did in Brisbane, so when people ask me how its different of course there’s the obvious that we live in a Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal community in remote Cape York, but allot is the same too so its hard to explain that.

The main difference I guess is the people here can speak up to 3-4 different languages, Creole is the standard language that unites the 5 local communities, but allot of people also have a traditional Language too sometimes if a person has married outside of their Language group then they may have 2 traditional languages, this can ad up to 3-4 languages if you also add English.

I can go on and on about other things like the delays in getting food if items are love in stock in Cairns or if they miss the Barges from Cairns, or I can tell you that we all here have a love hate relationship with Australia post. But really its hard to describe to people that life is Just a new normal, we work, we play and we join in to our community as much as possible and we really enjoy living here.

Is all rosy here? No, I am not going to sugar coat it, some things bother me here…Life for remote Indigenous Australians is not easy and that sometimes plays out in how the community runs here. Just living in a remote location causes issues that City people have NO clue about, not being able to go to a local craft or scrapbooking shop drives me INSANE some days. I still have issues with Australia Post LOL and the Local store still doesn’t stock my Fave Chocolates, Peanut Butter M & M’s that I fell in love with on our trip to the US in 2011. Life is a NEW normal and we are learning to adjust, view things from a different standpoint and most of all we are learning to RELAX………..

I guess what I am getting at is Life is life………Life is what you make it, its how you view it and its sometime fun, sometimes shitty and sometimes its pretty awesome. Its no different here, I guess we have a few added extra “stresses” but for the most part we are settling slowly but surely.

How we get things we need.

Getting food and Groceries in Remote communities is sometimes complicated and is just about always subject to weather, road conditions and in our case sea conditions.

Most of the Groceries for the community comes by sea, via a small Containership owned by the Sea Swift company.

The Sea Swift Company services most of Far North Queensland via Sea, as the roads are often effected by weather conditions and Big Rigs can’t be carried across the Jardine River Ferry.

Many communities including here rely on the Sea Swift to bring everything from car’s to furniture to food to parcels and Mail.

Our Furniture and 4WD arrived via the Seaswift and our monthly Groceries from Coles online and Grocery Run come via the seaswift either as Cargo or Mail.

Here is a little peak at the unloading process.

The Containership that brings the Supplies for the community every week.
Items are unloaded via cranes and taken via the Jetty to the shore.IMG_5897




The packing is in full swing

Packing is in full swing around here, with all the culling that had to be done I had to start now so when the movers arrive on the 2nd of January we don’t have chaos.
I also set myself a challenge to cull my scrapbooking to one tote and one box, as you can see I failed lol.

I also needed to work out what I needed to still keep my little sewing business going once we move, I successfully culled it to what you see below, of course I still have my machines and the new seasons materials.
I have a lot if sewing to do in the next few weeks so packing isn’t a option with this yet, plus if we pack it it’s not covered by our movers insurance.
The rest of the house is slowly being culled and sorted, my mum is looking after our very large photo album and older scrapbooking albums, I don’t have the room for them, and it makes sense to leave them in safe hands rather than risk the getting moister damage in storage etc.
I am going to stop and put up our tree for the kids and some of the Christmas decorations as the kids really love this part of the year.
We are getting more and more excited with only 5 weeks till Pack out day 😉


We have a Moving Date!

Yikes, we have a moving Date……a Date that is about 8 weeks away and now I am offically freaking out. We have pictures of our new home that I will not post here at present since I am not currently the resident in the home, but we are happy, very happy with the home we have been allocated in our new community by Queensland Education.

Now all I have to do is pack up this place……well thats a lie acutally I don’t have to pack it, I have to sort it. The movers pack it for us. But sorting this crazy mess it not going to be fun……..

We have decided to have a Huge cull, a room by room cull and my back patio is where everything getting culled is going at present and its not a pretty sight as you can see.20121115-094143.jpg20121103-104713.jpg


This is a new start for us…..We are no longer fostercarers, we need a new start, a new community that every time we go to the shopping mall we are not running into a child we have cared for, or a birth family that hates us…..

My husband wants to be challenged more in his teaching, Learn new styles, and we want to teach our children about Indigenous Culture, Life and Community, Not from a book or from a white person view but from the Elders and community members who love their communities and people.

We are not nieve we know that life is going to be very different for us, that we will have to earn respect and a place within the community, we know that we are white people, that our intentions will be under close observation and respect is hard to earn but easy lost.

We can’t wait to experience the good, bad and maybe even a bit of ugly(which will likely be from me if the internet ever goes down, or the mail can’t be flown in due to bad weather LOL), we know that we will experience some of each but we also know that most of what we will experience will be good and that is because the community we are going to has respected Elders who are ensuring that culture is kept, that language is kept and that their beautiful community moves in the right direction.

Next year is going to be a time of change, challenges and joy for us, we can’t wait to get moved and settled.

Keep Safe and Look out for each other,





WE are Moving!

We have some very exciting news to share.

Mr. T and our family have been offered an opportunity of a lifetime, Mr. T has been given a Transfer to a very remote School in the Cape York Region of Far North Queensland. We will live in a Cape Community Called Bamaga. (we Currently live in Brisbane see Map below)

We will be moving in Mid January 2013.

I will of course be sharing our Journey with you, from us getting ready to move to how we actually get there and of course our new home, community and everyday life while living so remote.

Its sure going to be a HUGE change for us, one we are embracing and looking forward to.

I hope you will come along for the ride while we laugh, cry and adjust to living in one of the most beautiful and amazing places on earth.

We are Moving to BamagaLife is precious, be safe Nicki.