Our CHD Story continues… (CHD Awareness Week Series)

UntitledOur family has been patched together and the results are a beautifully crafted quilt, Parents from different parts of Australia, children from different genetics and nationalities with different abilities and needs, together we are perfectly crafted and beautiful in the eyes of those that see beauty in rare and precious things.IMG_7857

Our son Mr J is no exception, J who has Down syndrome, was brought to us via adoption when he was 6 months old.IMG_4103

Master J was also born with a heart conditions called ASD, VSD and Cleft Mitral valve. These conditions are very often fully correctable by surgery and J had his first surgery prior to us adopting him at 6 months.IMG_4104

Often that is all that is needed as his condition is one of the more commonly seen, it’s also a common defect seen in children with Down syndrome. Sadly though J had some issues that required another open heart surgery at 4 but has since not looked back heart wise.

While CHD is horrible, it isn’t always a life long battle, in well over 50% of cases it can be corrected and those children will likely grow up healthy and strong

J is now 16, he is strong, funny, smart, cheeky and fully of mischief, he is well liked, popular for very often the wrong reasons but usually funny reasons, he loves his fishing, quad biking and Dog Macy like their is no tomorrow. He brings us so many laughs, so much joy and we can’t imagine our life without him.IMG_7869

Down Syndrome & CHD might be his labels to the medical and wider community, but it does not stop him living a full and happy life.

Be Safe and remember Life is precious