My Baby started school!

Its hard to write this……….

My baby started school last week. If I say it fast its not so bad.

After parenting for 20 years I can officially say I have seen all of my children start their first day of school. IMG_5009

Miss Boo was so excited,IMG_5036_2

These past 4 years have flown, so many precious first, so much Joy, its almost like a end of a season for me and I have tried so hard to enjoy every minute I have had with her before school starts. She is such a Joy, Our Rainbow baby after so much heart ache and loss. I am so lucky that although she is officially in school, I work metres from her room and can be with her if she needs me. IMG_5037_2

Here in Cape York we start kids in school in what we call Pre Prep, its what the rest of Australia call, Kinda, Kindy, and Preschool, except here its full time and its attached to the school. The children go from 9-3 and although they do lots of play the play has the intention of giving them a big head start for Prep.IMG_5040IMG_5051_2

I was torn about sending Boo, its not compulsory here but encouraged. IMG_5028

My heart believe kids should have a play based introduction into “schooling” think Montessori, Steiner etc, and Yet Bella was demanding to learn more, she was no longer content with Kindy or home play alone……she needed more and she was yearning for more learning.IMG_5030_2

So in the end the decision was easy and she couldn’t be happier.

Be Happy and remember life is precious




Sarah’s Tribute

I have been honored to follow the blog of Nora Rose, a precious baby girl born with a very rare condition, she and her family have been an amazing joy to get to know over the last 2 years, via the amazing blog posts her Mum Aleisa shared with us all via her blog “I will Carry you”

Last week Nora passed from this world to the next surrounded by her loving family, I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed this precious babies updates, sharing in the joy that was her life.

We will all miss her so dearly, we will miss her Nor Nor updates, the joy and love her family shared with us, the witness they all are.

This was Nora Rose’s Aunties tribute to Nora at her Funeral service, I think its speaks volumes of the joy and love she brought to everyone she touched.

Rest in peace precious Nora Rose

Sarah's Tribute.

Hugs your babies close,


30 Random Facts about Me

Well I am part of a really cool group of ladies, The Aussie and New zealand Project Life focused Bloggers who are trying to improve how we blog about everyday which is in the spirit of Becky Higgins Project Life, we are setting ourselves weekly challanges to both Challange and inspire us to blog on a regular basis. We are kicking it off with a “30 Random Facts about Me” Blog Challange. Its part of a bigger Challange we are calling “All the things my kids should know about me!” which sprung from a great idea I found on Pinterest and this awesome blogger, Baby Making Machine

So here is my first part of the Challange “30 Random Facts about Me”…..

1.My Mum’s side of the family call me NickNa. My Cousin Stuart who I babysat many, many years ago (he is married now LOL) could never say Nichola(yes that is my real name) so he coined the short version of NickNa, 27 odd years ago and well it has Stuck since then. Yeah I know too cute!!!!

2.I met the love of my life, my amazing Husband at a seedy nightclub that a friend talked me into going too.

3.I once was very good at Classical and Jazz ballet along with Tap…..well as good as you can get at between the ages of 3 and 8 years old.

4.I have a sister who has a disability who needs full time care following a traumatic birth brain injury.

5.I was a active member of Rural Youth for my teen & young adult years, even winning a exchange to Western Australia as a South Australian ambassador.

6.I was on community radio as a presenter for several years…….. (5TCB Yes love Community radio!!!) First Job was at a Roadhouse serving food when I was 13 years old.

8.I am passionate about the rights of women world wide.

9.My favourite food is Thai

10.I love Labour and Birth……and how amazingly strong women become as they bring their babies into the world when they are honored and given the space to birth(how ever that looks for each women).

11.I was a Enrolled nurse for 15 years.

12.I love the smell of unwashed newborns (someone seriously needs to bottle that Sent!!)

13.Some of my bestfriends live a world away, in America..

14.I am slightly addicted to Pinterest.

15.I think my husband is even more amazing now than he was when we met.

16.I hate, yes HATE the routine of washing, drying & folding clothes.

17.I believe that one person can change the world.

18.I believe my kids are the most amazing people in the world, yes even on bad parenting days!

19.I used to ride a Honda motor cross bike when I was a teen, I could still ride it now I am sure LOL.

20.I am most happy living in the bush or on a remote Beach fishing with my family.

21 my perfect home is a simple kit home built on 20acres of land near the ocean, with no neighbours insight.

22.I have a love affair with Ikea.

23.I hate buying clothes for myself.

24.I have a fear of talking on the phone, especially if I do not know the person.

25.I come from a very strong and amazing line of women, who where all awesome mothers…….I have Big shoes to fill and its very daunting sometimes!

26.I would live off the Grid if it mean’t I could still have Facebook and my blog…….

27.I have learn’t that I really, like REALLY do not like online shopping.

28.I would prefer to be with my family than any other people in the world.

29.I talk to my mum every single day.

30.I love and I mean I LOVE to scrapbook, Stamp & take photographs and preserve my families everyday life.

Miss Boo’s Project Life Baby Album pt 1

Bella full pages_edited-1Well finally I pulled out the Picture Mate 235 and printed enough photo’s to get Miss Boo’s Album started and here is the first 2 pages I have completed.

Bella page 1_edited-2

Bella page 2_edited-1

My Grandma Ross (my Grandmother on my Mum’s side) died before we where able to concieve Miss Boo, she had been one my strongest supporters in our desire to have another birth baby. We miss her so much… in our family has never quiet been the same since she died. Before she died she made these crochet flowers for our scrapbooking shop, and they seemed perfect to add to this layout. I know she is with us always…… seems fitting she has your place on this page of Miss Boo’s birth.

Bella gran _edited-1

Bella FacebookTony and I both Love facebook. We have many friends all over the world, many we have met in real life, some we haven’t. When I went into labour I decided rightly or wrongly not to tell anyone, so we could surpise people with this above post. Some people where not happy with us……some loved the surprise. I guess that is how it rolls.

Stay tuned as I share the making of Bella’s Project life Baby book.

Remember life is filled with miracles, make sure you see them.


Project Life!

I love to scrapbook and over the past year or so I have been drooling over the amazing everyday life scrapbooking process called Project Life.

Project Life is the brain child of Becky Higgins, a well know Scrapbooking designer who is a household name in the Scrapbooking world.
Becky like many of us who have been Scrapbooking for years discovered once she had kids the conventional style Scrapbooking of focusing on special events lost its shine and was replaced with the everyday of raising a family. Trying to keep up was hard work, the more kids you get the harder it gets, She like many of us also realised once she was a mother that it wasn’t just the birthdays and trips to the Zoo etc that made up life it was the everyday things, the everyday laughs, cute sayings, the routine of life, the special, the sad, the cute and even sometimes the ugly that makes us who we are and this is the stuff we sometimes forget to record. Becky designed project life to help us all record everyday life. It’s simple, it’s fast and you can adapt it to your own style.
I decided it was time to get going since we have finally got into a groove here, and I can feel my Scrapbooking mojo returning.
I have not recorded one moment fro Bella’s pregnancy and birth so I decided to start with that…..and yesterday the core kit and papers arrived to a loud squeal from me 😉
Now to get started…..,


My Beautiful Vintage Rose

After a morning of Toddler antics yesterday, I decided I needed to shift the vibe! So we got out a few clothes, a new head band and my old faithful(Cannon 60D) and well these adorable photo’s where the result of some giggles and fun in the back yard with the Chickens…….

and Yes that is a bruise on her face, I could of used photoshop to clean it up, but we are all about real here……I really am not keen on the “clean till they look plastic” edits that some people use. I think every mark, bruise and scrap tell part of the story of our kids lives……I know I look back on old photo’s and think……OHHH I remember when I did that to my knee or face……Thats real life if you ask me……real life isn’t perfect its just, well REAL.

Be kind to yourselves, Nicki xxx