Hi, I am Nicki, a 40 something old Mum to 5 amazing kids. We live in a little piece of paradise in Queensland Australia.

Something’s you will learn about me are in no real order:

I am a Mumma Bear with passions about many things.

We Live in a remote Community in Cape York.

My Hubby and I are proud adoptive parents.

We have a beautiful Australia Shepherd Called Macy, she is Amazing.

I have a Cat named Simba (the White lion, ohhh wait that is Kimba LOL) he is a Turkish Van x with a Rag Doll and he thinks he is human. My Dh got him for me after we lost one of angel babies via Miscarriage.

My Hubby and I a proud adoptive parents.

I love Camping & 4WDing.

I have 2 angel babies, both Miscarried in the first trimester.

I do make things; so wait for the Tutorials I have planned!

I love instagram @itsorganisedchaos2

I love Pumpkin Soup!

I am a devoted friend, but cross me and watch out LOL,  Just kidding, no really I am kidding.

I love Jesus, kind of sounds weird following that last statement hey?

My kids are my life.

I am emotional/loud/hyper and a little Crazy okay alot Crazy!

I have PCOS and battled infertility for 14 years because of it.

I love Hello Kitty, vintage Deer ornaments, and vintage pink glass…..yeah I know weird!

I love my amazing Friends, and they love me back even with all my faults.

I love the colour PINK.

I was once an Enrolled nurse.

I want to start a photography business when I grow up!

I love Cadbury popping candy Chocolate…. Yes Naughty!

My husband makes the best coconut prawns ever!

Our kid’s range in age from 20 to 4, with the eldest and youngest being our Birth babies and our 3 adopted Miracles make up the mushy part in the middle.

I pretty much live with my 60D Camera around my neck.

I adore Birth, Homebirth, and Women centered birth, Birth where women feel honored no matter where that birth takes place.

I believe with all my heart that what is good for the Mother is also good for her Babies.

I believe in natural term Breastfeeding.

We are living the Trim Healthy Mama life style.

I love pretty shoes and painted toenails.

I adore the smell of unwashed newborns heads!


So there you have it, you know more about my Family and me…………..


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Just came across your blog when I googled remote living. Look forward to reading about your adventures! Will pray for a positive journey for you & your family.

    • Thanks Mary, sorry we are right in the middle of transition and I will update on our move and new community very soon…….we fly to our new place next week. Thanks for finding us ;o)) we have lots planned for this blog and my Husband is also starting a blog I will update about soon.


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