Waldorf Style Playstands with Canopy Tutorial

what a awesome Tutorial for a play stand. I have been searching all over trying to find one to make for Miss Boo our 4 year old………we have many long wet weekends here in wet season so this will be awesome. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks Bohochicfiberco for this great Tutorial

Boho Chic Fiber Co.



Finally finished our playstands and I am super excited to be able to post it today on my own birthday! We love so many things about Waldorf early education and I have made many toys for my girls myself in hopes of saving money and also because I really enjoy crafting. So when I saw these playstands online I was initially disappointed at how expensive they are to buy and I assumed I could never make something like that. But I worked up my courage and after setting my mind on it I spent a morning browsing the internet for plans or instructions on how to make them. I found very little help without having to buy plans so I set out to make my own and document it along the way so others could benefit as well!

Although this is meant to be Juniper’s birthday gift for October it…

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