What’s it like to live in Cape York series – The Fishing


Yeah, I know you want to know about the fishing! everyone who knows anything about Cape York asks about the fishing LOL.

I am not really that keen on fishing(shock horror!!), but my husband is so I am going off the knowledge I have gained from him.

IMG_4986 IMG_4988


A BOAT IS ALMOST A MUST, Sure you can fish from the Wharf here but honestly its very seasonal and you have to pray that the fish decide to come swimming by.

CROCODILES LIVE HERE, If I had a dollar for every time visitors here have asked me if the Crocs are really everywhere here I would be a Millionaire.

READ THIS, WE SEE CROCS EVERY TIME WE FISH, if you can see them you can bet that there are 5 you have not seen.


  • DO NOT CLEAN fish in water ways,
  • DO NOT DUMP your old bait near ramps,
  • DO NOT hang over the edges of your boat,
  • DO NOT fight a Croc for a fish (yes people actually do this and we have heard of people having them land in their boats chasing the fish)…….give it to him/her by cutting the line,
  • KEEP CHILDREN & DOGS away from the edges of the BOAT out of the water when loading and unloading boats.
  • DO NOT SWIM in the waters here, EVEN if you see locals doing it, they have lived in and around this water for generations, they know the tides, the best times to swim and the best seasons.
  • DO NOT underestimate how fast, inquisitive and cheeky these amazing creatures are. Just this weekend my hubby nearly had one land in his boat jumping for the bait board attached to his boat! True story!!


SO the FISHING IS AWESOME, YOU NEED A BOAT & the CROCODILES live here, but here is a tip your likely not going to get from a lot of travel blogs.

This is a beautiful place, it has many attractions but this land is Traditionally owned and managed Lands, The Traditional Owners love their homelands and have lived one with the lands for thousands of years, they are happy for you to visit but PLEASE respect this place, PLEASE ASK before driving or boating in areas off the regular creeks and roads, If your not sure you should be in a location PLEASE ask someone who lives here.

Its very simple you just need to ASK, do not presume. The local community here has many Scared/Historic sites or a area could be closed off due to the loss of a Elder or Community member and you will offend if you enter that area. JUST ASK AND BE RESPECTFUL,


Now back to fishing, I know nothing about what bait to use (we use live bait and squid the most so that might help), and I know nothing about what tides to fish in, but the Bait and Tackle shop can help you out, I will link their Facebook page here so you can find them.


OH and if you like to eat Muddies we have them too


it truly is a beautiful place to live and visit……even if you don’t fish

Be Safe

and Remember life is precious



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