What’s Remote Living really like?


I get asked this question a lot, so I thought I would start a series on my blog about what its really like to live in a remote community.

I will share a piece of our life every week, you will get a glimpse of the funny, frustrating and to be transparent, the not so great things about living in a remote community.

IMG_4927This week I am going to share just how remote we live:

So when I say we live remote, people often do not really get that I mean “REMOTE”. I will get comments like “Oh I used to live remote, I had to drive 2 or 3 hours to the City” erhhh NO thats not remote that is living in the Country.

WE really do live in a remote community. We live at the very tip of Australia, you can’t go any closer to PNG without heading out to The Torres Strait Islands. Our community is roughly 1000km by road( or the Track as we call it) from a Major City/Town, this Road Track is usually not drivable for about 4-5 months of the year due to the wet season which for the NO Tropical Living Aussies is December -March.

When we can’t get in and out by Road, we fly!

Above is our current Airline, a Charter service being paid for by the government because our long standing airline went into receivership.

This is our life line at this time of the year, and for people needing to see Dr in the City all year, so losing our Airline has NOT been a fun time for anyone here.


Over the last 2 years, Our kids have got some serious Frequent flyer miles up. We fly a few times a year to Cairns and once or twice to Brisbane to visit family.


YES that is my 3 year old reading the safety card, she does it every time we get on a Qantas flight LOL.


Flying isn’t much fun anymore, we are all kinda over it, but its just part of living here on the Cape so you just learn to deal with it.


I guess one perk is; not many people these days can say they have sat and watched the controls on their plane as it lands.


Be safe,




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