Sarah’s Tribute

I have been honored to follow the blog of Nora Rose, a precious baby girl born with a very rare condition, she and her family have been an amazing joy to get to know over the last 2 years, via the amazing blog posts her Mum Aleisa shared with us all via her blog “I will Carry you”

Last week Nora passed from this world to the next surrounded by her loving family, I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed this precious babies updates, sharing in the joy that was her life.

We will all miss her so dearly, we will miss her Nor Nor updates, the joy and love her family shared with us, the witness they all are.

This was Nora Rose’s Aunties tribute to Nora at her Funeral service, I think its speaks volumes of the joy and love she brought to everyone she touched.

Rest in peace precious Nora Rose

Sarah's Tribute.

Hugs your babies close,




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