The sky is falling

Today I was sent a link to a website about a baby who has Brain Cancer…..I nearly deleted the link, I mean the world is full of so much pain right now its hard to read it all…. BUT gosh I am so glad I didn’t, Please go and read his story, and his Mumma’s beautiful words and leave the is dear family some love and encouragement… the fight to save their precious babies life……
and remember Life is short, life is precious…….do not waist a minute of it, Nicki xxx

The Bede Update

I am to spent to write a whole blog post so instead I will post an SMS that I exhaustedly sent out last night..

This post will not do justice to the beauty and grace with which Bede deals with this cancer. I have said it before but it remains his indelible truth – his light is undimmed.  Hopefully I will have the emotional energy to write a post on how his gentle warm and loving soul is travelling soon. The purpose of this post is just to desperately recruit your positivity, prayers, whatever love you have to throw at us. We ache with love for our little boy.


Hi everyone, I’m sorry to say we had some bad news today.
The tumour has doubled in size in the last 4 weeks, it has haemorrhaged in on itself, there are new legions and the bits of spread he had…

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