30 Random Facts about Me

Well I am part of a really cool group of ladies, The Aussie and New zealand Project Life focused Bloggers who are trying to improve how we blog about everyday which is in the spirit of Becky Higgins Project Life, we are setting ourselves weekly challanges to both Challange and inspire us to blog on a regular basis. We are kicking it off with a “30 Random Facts about Me” Blog Challange. Its part of a bigger Challange we are calling “All the things my kids should know about me!” which sprung from a great idea I found on Pinterest and this awesome blogger, Baby Making Machine

So here is my first part of the Challange “30 Random Facts about Me”…..

1.My Mum’s side of the family call me NickNa. My Cousin Stuart who I babysat many, many years ago (he is married now LOL) could never say Nichola(yes that is my real name) so he coined the short version of NickNa, 27 odd years ago and well it has Stuck since then. Yeah I know too cute!!!!

2.I met the love of my life, my amazing Husband at a seedy nightclub that a friend talked me into going too.

3.I once was very good at Classical and Jazz ballet along with Tap…..well as good as you can get at between the ages of 3 and 8 years old.

4.I have a sister who has a disability who needs full time care following a traumatic birth brain injury.

5.I was a active member of Rural Youth for my teen & young adult years, even winning a exchange to Western Australia as a South Australian ambassador.

6.I was on community radio as a presenter for several years…….. (5TCB Yes love Community radio!!!)

7.my First Job was at a Roadhouse serving food when I was 13 years old.

8.I am passionate about the rights of women world wide.

9.My favourite food is Thai

10.I love Labour and Birth……and how amazingly strong women become as they bring their babies into the world when they are honored and given the space to birth(how ever that looks for each women).

11.I was a Enrolled nurse for 15 years.

12.I love the smell of unwashed newborns (someone seriously needs to bottle that Sent!!)

13.Some of my bestfriends live a world away, in America..

14.I am slightly addicted to Pinterest.

15.I think my husband is even more amazing now than he was when we met.

16.I hate, yes HATE the routine of washing, drying & folding clothes.

17.I believe that one person can change the world.

18.I believe my kids are the most amazing people in the world, yes even on bad parenting days!

19.I used to ride a Honda motor cross bike when I was a teen, I could still ride it now I am sure LOL.

20.I am most happy living in the bush or on a remote Beach fishing with my family.

21 my perfect home is a simple kit home built on 20acres of land near the ocean, with no neighbours insight.

22.I have a love affair with Ikea.

23.I hate buying clothes for myself.

24.I have a fear of talking on the phone, especially if I do not know the person.

25.I come from a very strong and amazing line of women, who where all awesome mothers…….I have Big shoes to fill and its very daunting sometimes!

26.I would live off the Grid if it mean’t I could still have Facebook and my blog…….

27.I have learn’t that I really, like REALLY do not like online shopping.

28.I would prefer to be with my family than any other people in the world.

29.I talk to my mum every single day.

30.I love and I mean I LOVE to scrapbook, Stamp & take photographs and preserve my families everyday life.



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