Miss Boo’s Project Life Baby Album pt 1

Bella full pages_edited-1Well finally I pulled out the Picture Mate 235 and printed enough photo’s to get Miss Boo’s Album started and here is the first 2 pages I have completed.

Bella page 1_edited-2

Bella page 2_edited-1

My Grandma Ross (my Grandmother on my Mum’s side) died before we where able to concieve Miss Boo, she had been one my strongest supporters in our desire to have another birth baby. We miss her so much…..life in our family has never quiet been the same since she died. Before she died she made these crochet flowers for our scrapbooking shop, and they seemed perfect to add to this layout. I know she is with us always……..so seems fitting she has your place on this page of Miss Boo’s birth.

Bella gran _edited-1

Bella FacebookTony and I both Love facebook. We have many friends all over the world, many we have met in real life, some we haven’t. When I went into labour I decided rightly or wrongly not to tell anyone, so we could surpise people with this above post. Some people where not happy with us……some loved the surprise. I guess that is how it rolls.

Stay tuned as I share the making of Bella’s Project life Baby book.

Remember life is filled with miracles, make sure you see them.



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