Project Life!

I love to scrapbook and over the past year or so I have been drooling over the amazing everyday life scrapbooking process called Project Life.

Project Life is the brain child of Becky Higgins, a well know Scrapbooking designer who is a household name in the Scrapbooking world.
Becky like many of us who have been Scrapbooking for years discovered once she had kids the conventional style Scrapbooking of focusing on special events lost its shine and was replaced with the everyday of raising a family. Trying to keep up was hard work, the more kids you get the harder it gets, She like many of us also realised once she was a mother that it wasn’t just the birthdays and trips to the Zoo etc that made up life it was the everyday things, the everyday laughs, cute sayings, the routine of life, the special, the sad, the cute and even sometimes the ugly that makes us who we are and this is the stuff we sometimes forget to record. Becky designed project life to help us all record everyday life. It’s simple, it’s fast and you can adapt it to your own style.
I decided it was time to get going since we have finally got into a groove here, and I can feel my Scrapbooking mojo returning.
I have not recorded one moment fro Bella’s pregnancy and birth so I decided to start with that…..and yesterday the core kit and papers arrived to a loud squeal from me 😉
Now to get started…..,




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