How we get things we need.

Getting food and Groceries in Remote communities is sometimes complicated and is just about always subject to weather, road conditions and in our case sea conditions.

Most of the Groceries for the community comes by sea, via a small Containership owned by the Sea Swift company.

The Sea Swift Company services most of Far North Queensland via Sea, as the roads are often effected by weather conditions and Big Rigs can’t be carried across the Jardine River Ferry.

Many communities including here rely on the Sea Swift to bring everything from car’s to furniture to food to parcels and Mail.

Our Furniture and 4WD arrived via the Seaswift and our monthly Groceries from Coles online and Grocery Run come via the seaswift either as Cargo or Mail.

Here is a little peak at the unloading process.

The Containership that brings the Supplies for the community every week.
Items are unloaded via cranes and taken via the Jetty to the shore.IMG_5897





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