Sorry I haven’t been blogging our move and settling in. I did try to put some short status updates over at my Blog FB page “its organized Chaos” so you can keep up want you can keep up there too.

We are having some major issues with internet here at present, the cables to our home are damaged and Telstra the phone company that services out here can’t get a team to fix them until early March at the earliest, this leaves us with very slow “hot spot” internet service on our iPhones. This is of course causing some issues with uploading pictures especially.

But there has been other reasons too, deciding if I wanted to keep blogging is one, settling in is another and getting to know our local community factors in there too.

Blogging and living in remote communities can be a real balancing act and for me I had to decide if I could balance that act.

Can I be me, and still blog with truth and honesty?  Knowing that members of my new community can access what I have written? It’s been tough deciding,

After chatting with my DH we have decided that I can but some things are going to have to be no go zones.

My style of sharing everything about us has had to be altered slightly and sharing local information also has to be sensitive and that for me is going to be a bit of a learning curve so have patience with me please.

I am excited to share this place with you though……It’s truly amazing, The Land, The Remoteness, The People and The Culture here is breath taking……we love it, we love the beauty, The Peace, The People, The Late sunrises, The Late sunsets(ohhh the sunsets OHHHHH). The beaches, The Ocean, and the amazing things to see…SO please bear with me as I get into a new groove.

But here are some of the wonderful things we have experienced since arriving.

The amazing Green Ant Nest that are in our Garden
The Direction Dial at Pajinka (the Most norther point of Australia
One of the many Termite Nests that thrive here.
Punsand Bay
Miss CJ, Nudgy and Mr J (a friends son) walk along Punsand Bay Beach, Just before we saw a Croc!
Miss Boo Turned 2 just after we arrived…..after her big Birthday in Brisbane before we left, we had a low key affair with homemade Icecream and Jelly.
Nudgy learns to grind coconuts
Nudgy learns to grind coconuts at a Special day at School!

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