The packing is in full swing

Packing is in full swing around here, with all the culling that had to be done I had to start now so when the movers arrive on the 2nd of January we don’t have chaos.
I also set myself a challenge to cull my scrapbooking to one tote and one box, as you can see I failed lol.

I also needed to work out what I needed to still keep my little sewing business going once we move, I successfully culled it to what you see below, of course I still have my machines and the new seasons materials.
I have a lot if sewing to do in the next few weeks so packing isn’t a option with this yet, plus if we pack it it’s not covered by our movers insurance.
The rest of the house is slowly being culled and sorted, my mum is looking after our very large photo album and older scrapbooking albums, I don’t have the room for them, and it makes sense to leave them in safe hands rather than risk the getting moister damage in storage etc.
I am going to stop and put up our tree for the kids and some of the Christmas decorations as the kids really love this part of the year.
We are getting more and more excited with only 5 weeks till Pack out day 😉




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