I suck at Menu planning

So here is what I have found…….Aldi is great, but I suck and Menu planning. SO I am going to put things on hold for a while.
I will resume at a later date, but at present my life is filled with other things that need my attention and its hard work planning a menu, recipes and blogging about it………I am trying to be kind to myself with only 8 weeks till I have my house packed up and moved.
So I feel that I could blog about more fun things…….exciting things and news worthy things…..

I am sewing and have things to share so stay tuned

Be kind to your self, Nicki


One thought on “I suck at Menu planning

  1. I bet you don’t suck at menu planning, but that with the big move on your mind you have too much going on to stick to a menu plan. As you say, you need to be kind to yourself!


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