How to Inspire without trying!

I have a Blog/facebook friend that I have known for a while now, her name is Trish……..we met a long while ago on a pregnancy loss group, she had lost her precious Charlotte and had become a kinda Mentor of sorts on the Yahoo group I joined after losing our first Angel Gabriel.

We hit it off after she and I realised we where both adoptive parents and we have kept in touch since then.

Recently Trish found out she had Breast Cancer, as a mother of young children the blow seemed even more harsh.

BUT here is the thing, She is fighting the beast with a Grace and joy that you rarely see in people, she is very honest and open about her journey, warts and all but she has this Grace and dignity that is also inspiring.

I know this will make her blush and I am sure she will even laugh me off as her Crazy Queenslander friend. But I would love for you to read and see for yourself this amazing womens inspiring joy and hope as she shares her journey.

I am very blessed to have Trish in my life, I hope you will be too.

Her blog is really cool so be sure to click the graphic below and see for yourself.

Trish is doing awesome but still undergoing Chemo so she could do with some amazing prayer warriors to lift her up and restore her health and heal her body, so please feel free to join her and her beautiful family to your church and personal prayer lists.

Life is Precious, Never forget that for a single Minute.


Hugs Nicki.


One thought on “How to Inspire without trying!

  1. Thank you so much , I am nothing special really . I am just doing what I can to survive and stay positive xox. I am continuously buoyed by hearing that people are praying for me .


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