This weeks Aldi Menu

Here is this weeks Aldi Menu, items are purchased from Aldi unless I indicate otherwise, for instance Aldi doesn’t sell Coconut Oil and that is the only oil we use.

A while ago my Mum (Terry) gave me the Cook Book, Cooking with Aldi, One Family, One Supermarket by Bronwyn Cameron. Its a no frills kinda cook book, easy to use, and pretty much anyone could cook from it. The best thing about the book is all the food items in the book are from Aldi.

I set most of my Main meal Menu plan from this book for the next 2 weeks, I thought that would give me a great start as I kick of this Challange. You can either go buy the book which is only $9.99 or for those just following my Menus I will be posting the recipes also.

I am also going to share what we do for Lunches and Breakfast, Most but not all of which is brought from Aldi.

I will also post my Grocery list, this will make life alot easier when your going to buy the items for the recipes. (yes I am nice doing all the hard work for you!)

This week I am just getting in to the groove of working with a Menu so just cut me some slack, as I work at this I will get faster and things will follow better.

Menu Challange Week 1 Aldi.


Eggs,cottage Cheese and Tomatoe.

Cereals (yes we are going Grain free but as some of our kids have Food issues we have to do this slowly)

Fried Eggs on Toast.


Bacon and eggs.

LUNCH – Including packed School Lunches.

Tuna Salad

Chicken Salad

Egg Salad

Boiled eggs




Dried Fruits

Rice Cakes



Flat Bread wraps

Nut free Spreads – not avaliable at Aldi

Vegtable sticks and Cucumber dip.

Coconut slice (Grain free)

protien energy slices.(Grain free

Egg Salad - Toddler Version
Egg Salad


Pumpkin and Spinach Coconut Beef Curry.  Pg 114

Sweet and Sour Beef. pg 110

Sweet Stirfry Chicken pg80

Cream of Chicken Drumsticks pg 81

Chicken and Veggie Rissoles pg 85

Weight watchers Meat Balls – Not from Aldi book.

Prawn Thia Curry. – Husbands go to meal on a busy night – this is a extra meal.

Sides/Salads (some of these are also used as Lunch options):

Carrot and Sultana Salad. pg 73

Steamed Veggies

Waldorf salad. pg 74

Crispy Egg and Bacon Salad. pg 72


Egg noodles

Everyday throw together Salad

Crunchy Noodle Salad -prepacked Aldi.

Coleslaw.- Prepacked Aldi.

So this is the Menu we are following this week. IF your able to get the Cook Book I mentioned here I suggest you do. So far I have cooked 2 meals from it and both have been VERY yummy.

Yummy recipes from Aldi
Creamy Chicken and Pumpkin Beef Curry

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