Yummy “Fast Food” recipe

Well we are home, I have so much to share and because of this I have been avoiding my blog.

So I thought I would start with this awesome “Fast Food” alternative. Emily over at Joyful Abode  and her family follow a grain free, Primal/Paleo lifestyle and we as a family are trying to also go that way so when she shared this great Recipe Paleo Chicken Nuggets today I just had to give it a go.

I made a couple of changes and they still came out great, one of my kids refuses to eat Veggies so I trick disguised some carrot and Zucchini in the Nuggets by putting them in the blender with the chicken, it worked a treat and said child is none the wiser!.

I did have some issues finding Almond Flour locally, so used Almond meal which did make them more expensive, but since it was a trial recipe I was okay with that, and will source the flour before making them again.

The “Healthy Chicken Nuggets” where a hit with my kids and we are going to make a larger batch next time so some make the freezer, hehe

Here is how ours turned out.




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