Our Busy Sunday

last Sunday was action packed! We have been so snowed under with extra stuff and the transition plans for our foster children as they return home next week that we have not had much time to have fun.

Mr. T has been looking forward to the Boating show in Brisbane, he goes every year and dreams about the boat he one day wants to own, I didn’t want to stay home with the kids so tagged along and while Mr. T was at the boat show I headed to The South Bank parklands to check out the cool markets with the kids.

The South Bank Parklands in Brisbane where built on the site of the World Expo that was held in 1988, it’s a wonderful area with a Man made beach, lots of Gardens, interesting artworks along with shops and Café’s….WE love to go there, and I really love the Sunday Art and Craft Market held in the main shopping area.

I promised the kids a special treat if they walk with me and didn’t make unwise choices in the Busy market, and we got to try these amazing treats, Chocolate filled bananas

Miss Boo loved her Milk Chocolate, Miss CJ love her White Chocolate filled one and Mr J just love it because it was Chocolate.

Nudgy, Mr. J and I had a great conversation about how they got the Chocolate into the Banana without peeling it. Nudgy has a very clever way of working things out, he will even research on the internet if he can’t work something out and by they time he bounced a few ideas off me and we got back to the car he had worked out how they made the Choc filled Banana’s

We then met Mr. T back at the Car and headed off a new adventure. I had seen a review on Weekend Notes for a New kids park at Calamvale, it’s an Hours drive for our home, but OH MY GOSH!! So worth the drive, it’s a Council Park and all I can say it was Amazing.

Big and open with lots of shade and covered Picnic areas

The Play equipment worked for both the older kids and Miss Boo.

Oh and for us Internet addicts they had FREE WIFI, which sold Miss CJ since she was out of Data Credit on her Phone LOL.

I can’t say enough about this great park and it appears that there is more to come from this park with areas obviously still being developed and cleared. Huge 9/10 and that is only because the Toilet where out of paper.

For Brisbane families you can find the park at Fromby Rd Calamvale.

Be Kind to yourself, Nicki



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