Keeping it real!!

So I’m all about keeping it real, I am no housework queen, ( HATE house work if the truth is known) I am real, life is fast and often crazy around here and this week has been no exception.
So I thought for all those real mothers out there that are having the same sort of crazy week I have been having, this should make you all feel better. This is what my lounge looked like today before I folded and put away the washing

Yeap your shocked, “OMG she really did just show the world her messy lounge room” lol, yeap I did, and if you where being completely honest with your self you giggled just a little because you know that at one time or another your lounge looked just like it, ‘go on admit it’, it’s so freeing lol.
But here is the thing, I did eventually regained control and 2 hours later it looked like this,


Even if in the middle of cleaning up that mess I had Miss Boo making another mess in the kitchen…..yeap keeping it Real Alright!!



  20120823-141809.jpgHow how could I ever get cranky at that cute face.

Be kind to yourself, Nicki xxx


2 thoughts on “Keeping it real!!

  1. This ALMOST made me want to take a picture of my laundry room and share it. lol The funniest thing is I posted an ad for our house and one of the highlights was an organized laundry. I left out the part of actually having to use it.


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