My Little Soccer Hero

Winter in this house always brings Soccer season…..Saturday found us on the Sunshine Coast at a Under 10’s Soccer Carnival, Nudgy’s team didn’t win but boy did they have some fun and they got to show off some ball skills they have learn’t this year.

Nudgy has always been a bit shy in public, at home he is anything but shy but on the soccer field he has really struggled with finding his groove, I have to admit its been a bit frustrating watching him, its hard watching your child struggle and knowing that you can’t do alot about it.

We have just tried to encourage him, praise him and hope that he finds enjoyment in the games he plays.

On Saturday he had moments of brillance and moments of real struggle, but he had a great time and that is all that matters.

Miss Boo loves soccer too and was trying very hard to join in with the team it was too cute watching her big brother guide her and protect her as she joined the team at half time.

 A moment to himself

In the Action and enjoying the chase!

Your My little Sister and I will keep you safe!!

Yeap your a Future Football Star alright!

And I will leave you with Miss Boo…..hmmm do you think I take a few Pictures/Video on my iphone???? LOL

Be Kind to yourself, Nicki xxx


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