My Beautiful Vintage Rose

After a morning of Toddler antics yesterday, I decided I needed to shift the vibe! So we got out a few clothes, a new head band and my old faithful(Cannon 60D) and well these adorable photo’s where the result of some giggles and fun in the back yard with the Chickens…….

and Yes that is a bruise on her face, I could of used photoshop to clean it up, but we are all about real here……I really am not keen on the “clean till they look plastic” edits that some people use. I think every mark, bruise and scrap tell part of the story of our kids lives……I know I look back on old photo’s and think……OHHH I remember when I did that to my knee or face……Thats real life if you ask me……real life isn’t perfect its just, well REAL.

Be kind to yourselves, Nicki xxx


6 thoughts on “My Beautiful Vintage Rose

  1. My favourite is the one with the pink wellies. That is so perfect in my mind, a toddler with wellies and any clothes, be it a tutu or a beautiful coat as in your case. All toddlers need wellies.

    It should be a law,

    Thank you for sharing your joy and your precious daughter. I so agree about not removing bruises etc. And the memories you created today with that fun of taking pictures will be in her mind forevermore, Wonderful mom and daughter time.

    She is so precious. You are indeed blessed and I am so happy for you.

    • Thanks Alison, Yes the Pink Wellies/rubber boots are a must aren’t they…..we love them here, and we wear them all year around since our wet season is our summer. We know how Blessed we are…….she took us 15 years to concievE.

      • I am so happy for you – and I have to tell you that I believe she was worth every moment of that 15 years. She is just beautiful, I am so happy that you have her and your other kids. I love the gallery at the side of your blog – all of them look like kids I would give my right arm to have. xxx

  2. Gorgeous pics! I never even noticed the bruise til you mentioned it, but good point! I actually made a point of taking a pic of B’s first shiner, it was just so pitiful! :C I especially like the pic of her standing by the fence, with her pink boots. 🙂


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