I’m Breastfeeding, and you need to get Educated!

How is it that we are losing what it is to be compassionate humans?

Why is it that Breastfeeding education is not given to people who will deal with babies on a daily basis in their jobs?

Why do some people see it as a sexual act?

How is the picture below (my Precious Miss Boo at 1 day old) or any mother breastfeeding her child deemed as Sexual?

When did a mother enjoying breastfeeding become some how a sexualized behavior dangerous to her baby? Well sadly that day is today! I have been contacted by a personal friend who’s life was turned upside down by a Child protection Agency, when she was made to feel like she was sexually abusing her newborn child by breastfeeding her.

Today I shake my head in shame that a Tax funded State run Child protection agency is so way off the mark, I cringe at their uneducated and shameful attitudes towards breastfeeding mothers and babies.

I cringe at their lack of education around the needs, cues and desires of a newborn baby when it comes to breastfeeding.

I cringe at their uneducated, shameful attitudes towards my friend.

I am ashamed that I live in a country that removes children from their parents with only a “possibility of Emotional Neglect” and then tells that mother she is emotionally neglecting her baby because she is not shoving a plastic bottle down its throat but instead is trying to breastfeeding it, all the while being observed by Social workers who know nothing about breastfeeding or how a Breastfeed baby behaves.

People, Breastfeeding is by its very nature a act of stimulation, Basically the baby stimulates the mothers hormones to produce milk and let down by sucking her Nipples, That is not sick, that is not perverted that is not shameful… its basic human 101!!!

What is shameful is that this agency would deny this baby its basic human rights to receive its mothers perfect breast milk and that, that same agency would stop a baby for being able to suck at its mother’s breast because she fears you will call her a child molester.

Tears for my friend tonight, Hugs Nicki


3 thoughts on “I’m Breastfeeding, and you need to get Educated!

  1. I can’t like this post, because I don’t like the content. I love the stand you are taking in writing it, I support your thoughts and opinions and join you in heartache for a woman being unable to do the most natural thing in the world by feeding her own baby.

    That is sad. No, it isn’t sad, it is beyond sad. For a mother to be prevented from doing what she was born, we were all born and designed to do…

    When did the world turn upside down?

    Please let your friend know that there are lots of people who are supporting her in thought and prayer and tears. She should never have been subjected to this.

    Shame on the authorities.

  2. Thank you Alison I will pass on your best wishes to my dear friend, I stand with you wondering when the world turned upside down. Child protection should first DO NO futher harm otherwise what is the point of it all…….its beyond sad that our child protection agencies are losing sight of that


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