Kookaburra Sits on a Busy Highway…….doesn’t sound quiet right!

We had a encounter of a different type today, while driving Miss CJ to school. I pulled off the highway exit to her school, only to see a object in the middle of the road, as I got closer I saw the it was a large bird. “Move” bird I mumble, no time for delays today…

But NOPE it didn’t budge, I was just about on top of it when it was obvious that it was injured and not about to move. It was a Kookaburra. Kookaburra’s just don’t sit in the middle of a busy Highway for no reason, especially when there is no food in sight.

I check my mirrors and saw that I could stop, truth is it was either stop or it run over, not really a choice since I am not in the habit of killing our precious wildlife.

As Miss CJ and I jumped out of the car and approached it turn to look at us and I could see its eye was injured. We found a Jacket in the car and I bundled it up and got it back in the car, and it hardly moved……my heart sank, it seemed to be really injured.

We quickly drove to a safer spot and I called the local wildlife rescue that in turn told me to take to the nearest vet.

Our vet was just up the road so that was no issue. The lady from Wild Life rescue gave me some tips about keeping it warm and the environment quiet, (those that know us know that was a no mean feet). Miss 8 was home sick so in the car and Miss Boo was chatting and giggling knowing that something fun was going on. Miss CJ apprehensively held the bird that at this stage was still stunned and quiet.

We dropped off Miss CJ and Miss 8 took over the precious cargo, as we turned out of the school it was like the beautiful thing came alive much to the surprise of us all…….fighting against Miss 8 who in turn was screeching at the top of her voice, this obviously wasn’t going to work. After I pulled off the road yet again, I was able to calm the occupants of the car enough for the bird to settle, I decided (not knowing myself what the bird would do to defend itself) to let it find is own comfortable place in the car, (as much as a wild injured bird can get comfortable in a car!)…..after a few attempts to fly around the car (obviously no wings where injured LOL) he/she decided to perch on the front seat right next to me, I decided it was now or never and started to drive towards the Vet, It was still obvious that he/she was very injured, one eye seemed blinded and blood around the beak and down neck told the story.

The closer we got to the Vet the more lively the bird got, Obviously the warm car was bringing he/she back to life…..yeah for warm cars on a winter day!

The rest of the trip was event free, my NEW friend sat happy as I imagine a Kookaburra can be perched watching me drive.

The Vets “All Pets” at Caboolture where amazing, and today I learned that Vets will take any injured wild animal with out charge and they have a list of registered wildlife carers on their books that will take the animals/birds until they are well enough or able to return to the wild.

So a few lessons I leant today;

*Kookaburra’s beaks are not dangerous to humans, you can if you ever find yourself in a position of need, put your finger in their mouth and all they will do it close the beak……there are no teeth in there, lol, Nothing sharp, Trust me after today I can testify to it I promise you LOL and plus the Vet Nurse confirmed it.

*Kookaburras are HARDY, and a lovely warm car revives birds that are injured!

*Kookaburras are strong! Just ask the girls.

*Driving with a wild animal loose in your car is NOT fun/safe/wise.

*Girl power rocks!

*and ya know it feels great to know that we may have just saved a precious, beautiful and iconic bird today.

Hugs your love ones, Nicki xxx


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