Update on Our TeddyBear

If you read back over this blog you will read the story of our eldest son’s spinal injury, well here is a update.

Teddybear (AKA Locky) is 90% Healed, he is walking, and doing awesome. He has some issues with balance and he can’t run, skip, or jump yet but that is coming.

This week he started a new chapter in his life and returned to School, TAFE actually where he is redoing his final highschool year so he can get a high enough grade to enter University.

We are very proud of him, he has come so far from the young man we where told might not recover any movement below the waist just 3 long months ago.


2 thoughts on “Update on Our TeddyBear

  1. Hi Nicki, I have just come across your blog while researching spinal abscesses. my husband is in a Perth rehab facility now trying to regain use of his legs. He went to hospital for a spinal operation and picked up an infection. Another 4 ops to clean out the infection as it moved around his body. The infecton is what has done the most damage, compressing the spinal cord and leaving him a paraplegic. ( for now). The original surgeon said he would walk again however since being in rehab ( 5 weeks now) he has had no assurances. I was so pleased to see that your son is walking again. I know when my husband Duncan was measured for a wheelchair in rehab i freaked out! it seemed that they were getting him ready for a life in that wheelchair. we have had plenty of enthusiasm from physios when he can do something with his legs but no one will tell us if he will walk again! We have a meeting today with the doctor and physio to discuss Duncans condition so lets hope for good news.
    Warmest Regards….Sandra

    • Hi Sandra, I am sorry to hear about your husband, Locky’s injury was some of the hardest times of our life, I am so feeling for you both.
      Locky has made a 90% recovery, he spent 4 months in rehab, the first 2 months he had very little improvement as he battled the infection, and worked on recovering from the surgery that relieve the pressure (laminectomy). Locky’s injury affected his spine from C6 to T4, the abcess was huge and he is extermely lucky. Its seems that all things spinal are LUCK stupid darn LUCK or bad LUCK depending on how you look at it.
      Firstly I wanted to let you know that you never can give up on recovery, we where told at the begining that recovery was unlikely because of how much spine was involved, he had lost bladder and bowel control and had NO movement or feeling from the tip of his hip down.
      Locky was fitted for a wheel Chair twice, and he came home with a wheel chair, but he now hasn’t used his chair for over a year, and only appears to have anything wrong when he gets tired and starts to drag his feet. They told us that it can sometimes take months to get the Chairs, so they measure for them regardless if they think htat he will recover and not need it.
      We where also told by many of the staff that recovery can take months, and can go on for up to 2 years.
      Locky did have much going for him(age, fitness etc) but when I look at the first xrays and see him now I really still can’t believe it. TRY hard to keep strong, I was a emotional wreck, I was angry, I was sad, I was in survival mode…….I don’t think the fog lifted for months, but we did eventually get into a routine of visits, life in the world of spinal rehab and Locky eventually moved though his stages of grief, anger and non compliance before knuckling down and working hard to get home…….
      Its hard, and I am here if you need to chat, or if you have any questions about Locky’s recovery please don’t hesitate to email me at nickimum5@gmail.com so we talk more privately if that is what you would like.
      Wishing your hubby a full recovery…….


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