Miss CJ’s Cardiology Appointment

Yesterday was Miss CJ’s 6 monthly check up with her Cardiologist the amazing Dr “J”, he has been Miss CJ’s Cardiologist since birth.

The check up went well and Miss CJ is stable but we do need to check on the pressures within her heart. (we have been putting this off for a couple of years) This can only really be done via a Cardiac Catheter in hosptial, so we talked about that and got a tentative booking for Oct 2012.

Miss CJ is not impressed, she really struggles as a 14 year old with having a life restricting heart condition…….who can blame her?, while other girls her age are talking about the latest pop group, or status update on Facebook she is worrying about having a Cardiac procedure.

Some days it just sucks that my child has a complex Congenital Heart Disease………..



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