Just Write!

Okay I will admit it I have been procrastinating with my blogging.

I read some advice from one of my Blogging friends, she had attended a Blogging conference and one of the speakers said “Just blog, just start blogging”.

I thought about that for a while, I thought about the many people that comment to me that they have no idea how I do what I do day in day out, but I guess I just never believed that my life was that interesting…

Do people really want to know about our life?

Are people really interested in our everyday, our move North, my scrapbooking, my photography…& our kid’s challenges?

Are they really interested in my passion for women? for birth? And breastfeeding???

Do they care about the things I care about?

Then a friend said to me “People want to know Nicki, write from your heart and people will be interested”.

SO that is what I am going to do………share my heart, and my life.

I am going to share with you what makes me tick, why I am madly passionate about how Babies enter the world, how Women Experience Birth, Breastfeeding and Motherhood. I am going to share with you about my kids, the good, the crazy and the amazing. I am going to share with you why we have decided to apply for a VERY different type of teaching position and location. I am going to show you this beautiful country. I am going to share the silly, the heartbreaking, and the beauty in everyday…………Yeap I am going to share almost everything.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

To kick off I thought I would share my little bit of crazy today with “Miss Boo”




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