LOCKY update Day 9 and 10

Its nice to know that I have a few people following my rambles.

Day 9 – After talking with Locky and knowing my Mum and Brother where going to the hospital we decided to spend our last day at the camp site packing and letting the younger kids have a bit of fun. We talked with Locky all day via text and calls. Locky had a good day but the Dr wanted a MRI(of his spine) with contrast and Locky was unable to drink the contrast, so it was delayed till today. My Mum, Brother and his family all visited with Locky and he was able to con my Mum in to buying him KFC on the way up to the Hospital, SO I think that is a sure sign of his hunger is returning. Although I have to say I can’t blame him for not eating the hosptial food…..by gosh its awful, the smell alone turns my stomach let alone the sight of it.

Day 10 – More frustration but then some peace. After packing up and leaving the Campsite and heading towards home we got a call from Locky telling us that a couple of Dr from the PA(the spinal rehab unit) had visit him and advised him that he was now on their waiting list, they discussed things with him and basically said that things have been decided he was going there.

I was so angry and frustrated at this, we had no warning they where coming nor had we given permission as his parents for them to come and talk with him. The lack of communication is just awful, its not that we aren’t considering this place as a option because we are, it is the number one leading Spinal Unit is our state, some would say Australia, its not them, it’s the total disregard of us as his family and the needs of Locky in that he might want his parents with him when such a thing was being discussed that bothers us the most.

I had some frustrating converstations with the shift nurse but, then was able to get onto the ward Social worker and really felt that we have finally been heard and Tony was able to get a full update tonight and clarify a few things with a more senior medical Dr and our concerns where also addressed with the Nurse in Charge on the ward. We are not concerned about Lockies actual nursing care its fine, its just the communication with us that is lacking.

I was also able to talk with the Dr from the PA this afternoon and I was able to clarify many issues and have some concerns addressed, we feel now we are able to make a informed choice as a family as to what Locky needs to regain his life.

Several people have asked how Locky is going “really”, its hard for us to really gage this, yes he has movement in his feet but he has NO feeling from the belly button down, until we got thrown into the world of spinal injury I didn’t even know that was possible. Offically Locky is now classed as a incomplete Paraplagic, he can move but he can’t feel, he can sit but he can’t stand or walk. He will have a long recovery, and we have been told that he may not regain what he has lost. If he does regain what he has lost it will be a miracle and YES we believe in Miracles.

Locky also got his first(and hopefully last) wheel chair today………I am still struggling with how I feel about that, so I can only imagine how Locky feels……



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