I Choose Joy

Today I got an email notification from Lil Blue Boo, an awesome blog I follow and today I got it, I got what she is saying, life is too short, choose to be filled with joy rather than regret, anger and why us!, well that is what I get from her blog. 

I started following Ashley’s blog about a year ago, it was before her life was turned upside down by the Death of her father, her miscarriage and then the discovery she had Cancer and would need a emergency hysterectomy to save her life. Her life is now days of Chemo and Hospital visits. BUT Ashley decided from day one to CHOOSE JOY  cherish every moment with her precious daughter, her husband and her amazing family and friends…and it wasn’t until today that I decided I could be angry, and feel sorry for our family or I can make a choice to CHOOSE JOY, SO I am making a decision to choose JOY. NO matter what the future brings my precious son, No matter how hard it gets, how frustrating or how sad I feel for my child…….I AM GOING TO CHOOSE JOY just as Ashley has. Ashley shares her life, her love of her family and her amazing DIY projects on her blog daily so be sure

to check her out and why not CHOOSE JOY too.



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