Locky Update day 8

I can’t even tell you how amazing it was to hear my son tell me he can lift his right leg. He is regaining some movement each day but the numb feelings to both legs and feet remain and he has no control of his bladder or bowel because of this, We have been told this should return eventually. 
Locky is in good spirits especially after he had a day of visitors, one of his friends, his teen cousin and my husbands parents.
I forgot to take a pic today while I was chasing his Dr for a update, I really hate how they are not keeping us up to date on what is going on. Its so frustrating that they are making decisions for him without us, ordering wheelchairs, making arrangements for him to go to another hospital without even so much as consulting us. 
Dealing with the lack of a control Tony and I both have over this situation is so very frustrating…..we are beyond upset and being send a first year Dr when we requested to see the specialist yesterday did nothing to help us feel better about things.

I am happy that they are telling Locky things, but mostly he has little understanding of what they are telling him, its a new world to him, and he is still getting his head around things.
Tony and I have been spending HOURS on the internet researching Spinal rehab options for Locky, we are lucky our private health insurance allows Locky some options in regard to rehab…….there are several little know amazing facilities on the Sunshine coast, one in Brisbane and then the option that they are suggesting. We need this to work for everyone……its easy to say that we should just drop everything as a family and worship the option that they(the hospital and Dr) are suggesting but the truth is after doing the research that we have its not our number one option. I am willing to hear them out, but we also are considering other places too.
This is one of the hardest things our family has faced, Locky and all of us are coming to terms with a new normal……



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