Day 7 Lachlan Update

Day 7 update
Lachlan is out of ICU and has been transferred to a Neuro surgical ward, Praise JESUS!!! all the prayers are working.
He looked amazing today compared to the even yesterday; he no longer looks bloated or grey.
Today we had our first discussions about where he can get transferred to for rehabilitation. He will need to learn to walk again. The spinal cord has received damage, hopefully the damage is short lived, but there is damage…he has limited movement below the waist, and an over all numbness from his bellybutton down.
The Discharge/ transfer coordinator came to talk with us. She wanted to let us know that they are only recommending one option, for us that is not the option we would choose, I have worked in the place they are recommending and I am not a fan of the place…I am very sure that they do amazing things for a lot of people but for Lachlan and our family, our belief systems and the way we function its not a place that I think is place for our Son.
We have 2 other options we are presenting them tomorrow, both have criteria he has to meet and a referral process but both places I feel are more in keeping with the way we operate as a family. Both are also fully covered by our health insurance. We believe that Locky will do well in either place if he is accepted, one in particular we believe has a very high standard of care, equal if not better than the option they are trying to force on us.
I am feeling quiet angry and frustrated today…But I have decided to sleep on it before I spill it all here…Tonight is the first night I haven’t gone to bed with a headache in about 5 days, so I am going to sleep on my thoughts…and share them with you tomorrow.



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