Things I am learning about Homeschooling.

Homeschooling is hard work.
It requires alot from both Children and Mumma’s
Its a Learning curve.
Kids who have relied on Calculators prior to homeschooling have alot to catch up on.
Times Tables are a must learn.
Teens talk alot.
Teens eat alot. (I already knew this with teen boys, but learning its true of girls too LOL).
Twice as much learning can be fitted into one day than what is learned in a day at regular school.
My Child is smart, dedicated and adaptable ;o).
Work can be taken anywhere.

Katie reading to her sister in a Hospital waiting room

Work doesn’t have to be done in school hours.
and mostly I am learning that I am the type of Mum that can cope with homeschooling.


One thought on “Things I am learning about Homeschooling.

  1. oh my goodness! I am happy I started from todays post and saw your smiling sons face!! what an experience!! Prayers for all of you!!good luck with the move today!


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