A New year and a New outlook

Well I made lots of promises when I made my new years resolutions, many are personal but a few I thought I would share.

*A new Diet/lifestyle – we are now working towards grainfree, or a diet similar to Paleo/Primal diet. This is more a lifestyle than just a simple diet, it was suggested by my new Dr who believes that it will help with both weight loss and my POCS but its also a very healthy way to eat for the whole family. I will share our progress with you and some recipes.

* Sew more and build my little home business- I promised myself I would sew more, and share that with you…….I even have some plans for some tutorials.

* Vlogging – I have been doing some research into this new(or not so new depends where you are in your blogging life) way to blog and will be trying out some new ideas.

* Spend more time enjoying life – Enjoy the small things and the precious moments.

* Prepare for our big life change that I will share more about as it becomes more of a reality, but it’s going to make for great blog posts is all I can say.

*Network with more Bloggers, feature some fellow bloggers and share some great giveaways.

and last but not least share more of our piece of paradise. I am aiming of daily as a challange to myself.



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