Okay I pledge to write more blog posts

Well I am not sure if its life or laziness that sees me neglect this blog….a bit of both I think. But I am pledging to keep up and build up this blog so that its interesting and people actually want to read it.

So a quick update, School is is full swing, after our winter break and the kids seem to be enjoying it. Miss K seems to be enjoying high school but has had a few issues with bullying ughhhh.

Miss B is now 6 month old…….where did that time go?, she continues to be a delightful easy baby with so much joy to share.

I am off to the USA for 2 weeks at the end of the month…….its a belated 40th birthday present from my precious husband and I can’t wait. I will be blogging my 2 weeks away as I will have my Laptop with me and I thought it would be interesting since I will have Bella with me along with one of my BFF’s here Sara and her precious little bundle of Joy Miss K who is 8 months old. Miss K has her own amazing story which I will blog about along the way……..
We are staying with another one of my BFF’s Joanne and her amazing family in San Francisco and we CAN’T wait to enjoy the time away from the normality of everyday life. We will miss our families so much but we can’t wait for this adventure either.
I’ve been thinking about Blog topics…..if there is anything you would like to see me write about just let me know. Here is what I am thinking about as future topics.
Life as a mumma to many
Living with a Chronically ill child
How parenting a child with CHD has changed my world view.
Breastfeeding after infertility
Why Breastfeeding is Normal not best.
Feeding in Public ~ why do you have a problem with it.
Being a teachers wife
Foster parenting ~ why I would not recommend it
Is removing ‘abused’ children from their parents really the way to go!
Why I am not organised!
Travelling with babies, toddlers, children and Teens
Camping with a large family
Life in a normal Neighbourhood when your not normal!
and posts of things I follow, people I support and random things that interest me or bother me.

Hugs Nicki



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