Some things I have learnt!

So I wanted to share with you all some things I’ve learnt since Princess was born 3 months ago.
For those that don’t know Princess is my first birth baby since the birth of Master 16 who was born 16 years ago, so I kinda feel like a newbie Mumma in some respects.  Mr T and I have fostered many newborns in the last 14 years but fostering other people’s babies is not like having your own and our adopted miracles came to us as older babies. 
So back to what I have learnt……….
I’ve learnt that labour and birth can be amazing, its intense, but it’s not scary or horrifying and I wouldn’t even call it painful…….yes there is intense overwhelming feelings but to call that pain seems to lessen the enormity of Labour and birth, since the word ‘pain’ has such a negative connotations . My first and only other birth was what could only be called traumatic but I learned after his birth in a over medicalised hospital with a typical medical model minded Obstetrician, who I allowed to induce me prior to due date and use forceps with no reason, that there is another way for babies to come into this world………that is what I refer to now as Gentle birth, or instinctive birthing free from over monitoring and medications that inhibit both the babies journey and the mothers experiences in her labour, I also believe strongly that they interfere with Bonding and affect your relationship with your baby for days, weeks and years after the actual birth.(disclaimer, I know that many babies and Mumma’s are alive today because of medicalised birth, but NOT every pregnant women is a emergency waiting to happen and they SHOULDN’T be treated as such and I STRONGLY believe that women should be treated as low risk with low interventions until a medical reason suggest otherwise)
I have learnt that the type of Birth and how a baby comes into this world not only matters to the baby but also to the mother and how she then feels about her baby and birthing experience and ultimately herself.
I’ve learnt that breastfeeding is hard but worth every crack, graze and engorged breast that comes your way.
I’ve learnt to slow down, to sit and to enjoy breastfeeding my baby before she is off running and not wanting my constant warmth and nurturing.
I’ve learnt that I do not know everything about caring for a baby ;o)
I’ve learnt that I am now considered a alternative parent, because my Husband and I have questioned common and “normal” practises with our Child like immunisations, well checks and regular weight checks and because we co sleep, wear our baby in a sling as often as we can and because we don’t really like the idea of Daycare or even regular schooling (even though my husband is a teacher).
I’ve learnt that breastfed babies do not live to your schedule, actually I’ve learnt to forget any schedule you did have and go with the babies ;o)
And I’ve learnt that each and every baby that comes into your life no matter how that happens brings intense and overwhelming love with them that rocks your world and turns it upside down (in a good way of course).
And most of all I have been reminded (learnt) what an amazing miracle it is to give birth and to have the privilege of being a parent.

2 thoughts on “Some things I have learnt!

  1. Love what you have learnt – especially the last three.I'm a little bit alternative …I BF my twins till 4yrs 3 months 10 days 🙂 but I guess we each have our own agendas on what is important.We loved co sleeping but 4 in the bed now is a little squishy.PS I still have links to your blog that work. Can't believe it has almost been 3 yrs since K's wish

  2. Thanks Trish, I so hope Bella is still feeding at 4 years 3months and 10 days ;o) Yes its been that long, although it doesn't feel like 3 years since her Make and Wish trip. The old blog is up but I got sick of Dealing with Goggle and trying to get my account back so I could login. my account was lost more so than my actual blog. I am hearing you on the squishy bed part too honey LOL


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